Our event brings together Bitcoin enthusiasts for an exciting evening of discussions about the thriving ecosystem. Enjoy arcade games, the famous "Ride the Bull," and breathtaking city views. Join us for a night of great conversations, fun activities, and spectacular scenery. Food and drinks will be provided.

BTC Austin is one of the series of Ecosystem events planned over the next year by Velar across 15+ Cities across the World to educate Builders, Investors and Users about Bitcoin DeFi.

A bit
about Velar

Velar is your Gateway to Bitcoin DeFi. Known for creating the World's first Perpdex on Bitcoin, Velar is on a mission to unlock Bitcoin’s true potential by bringing $1 Trillion worth of dormant liquidity into native Bitcoin DeFi applications.

A bit about Bitlayer

Bitlayer is the first Bitcoin Layer 2 solution based on the BitVM paradigm. Bitlayer’s core objective is to address the trade-off between security (trustlessness) and Turing completeness in BTC layer 2 through cryptographic innovations and blockchain protocol engineering.